Arabic for Non -Native Speakers - Level One

About This Course

Arabic for Non- Native Speaker’s Level one book is a textbook in Modern Standard Arabic. This book is designed to teach a true beginner how to read and write in Arabic. The textbook is structured to utilize developing skills approach to teach speaking, reading, writing, and listening to Arabic language beginners. This approach focuses on the order of the linguistic need, and each chapter becomes the basis for the next to ensure that the acquisition of Arabic language is systematic.

The textbook emphasizes learning the Arabic alphabet, mastering the pronunciation of each letter, by introducing the alphabetic sounds and the equivalent English alphabet and phonetics . Then the lessons move to introducing the forms of the letters with short and long vowels and developing a base vocabulary as well as an elementary understanding of the sentence structure of the Arabic language. All activities used in the textbook is to place the learner in the context of the native-speaking environment from the very beginning.

The book provides useful vocabulary for everyday situations, such as greetings and days of the week, as well as directions. It also examines the grammatical properties of the language, including its use of various tenses, the operation of gender, and the operation of articles and pronouns. All of these elements are given a good workout within the context of practical dialogues and exercises. The learning process is supplemented by an extensive collection of visual aids.